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Watch Humberville on Comcast in July!


Finally: Humberville will be available on Comcast On-Demand to millions of viewers across the country thru the month of July! For just 99 cents, you can watch it without even changing out of your pajamas. It’s only 17 minutes of your time. That’s 17 minutes of hilarity & 99 cents to support independent film and the arts and to buy our everlasting love! You can’t even get a cup of coffee for 99 cents any more.

How to watch:

  • If you have Comcast digital, click the “On Demand” button: Then click “Movies”>“Movie Collections”> “Cinema Asian America”> “Humberville Poetry Slam”.

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Gossip Girl

Huff Po calls Humberville “Hysterically funny!”

The Huffington Post called Humberville “hysterically funny” this week and highlighted us as one of their recommended picks for Comcast’s new on-demand programming targeting Asian Americans!

Read the full article here.

Humberville back in New England

First there was Tom Brady, then Johnny Damon, then there was Liberty Fu. Check Giles Li flex his poetic superatheletics as Liberty Fu in Humberville on Comcast Free On-Demand! We’ve been asked to put the film back up on TV til 2011! If you have Comcast and live in one of the New England states, check out Channel 1>Get Local>Boston AAFF>Short Films>Poetry Slam. Who needs Miracle on 34th Street when you’ve got Humbie? Gather the fam over the holidays and give the gift of free on-demand laughter and bad poetry. They will love you forever and ever.

Humberville in Beantown!

What’s that? You can bring a poetry slam … into your own living room? GASP!

Humberville is now on TV all over Massachusetts & Connecticut for FREE on Comcast On-Demand channel 1! Order it in the “Get Local” folder > Boston Asian Amer Film Fest and enjoy local poetstar Giles Li rock the mic as Liberty Fu.

It’s only on til the end of November, so order it now & we promise you’ll have a wicked smaht time.

Latest News

Humberville is on your TV!

If you live in San Diego, that is. Oh, and if you have Time Warner Digital Cable. And own a TV.

If you satisfy all of these requirements, support us by ordering it on Channel 144 for free!

If you don’t live in San Diego, please support by helping us spread the word. Long live Liberty Fu!